Kenny in confident moodduring Roscommon visit

A happy, relaxed and extremely confident Fine Gael leader Enda Kenny breezed into Roscommon Town on Wednesday morning to meet with the party faithful, councillors election workers, supporters and of course candidates Deputy Denis Naughten and Senator Frank Feighan.    Undeterred by the incessent rain Deputy Kenny has the air of a man with the wind at his back following the most recent opinion polls however he won’t need me to remind him that the poll is next week and with a week to go anything can happen. However the Mayo man is giving the impression of a man that is ready to step into the big time.   His back-up team is very impressive. A phalanx of reporters in cars and vans followed his car while a 30-seater bus packed with media people – TV crews, radio personnel, national newspaper journalists – wasn’t far behind.    Deputy Kenny’s car followed a van with Deputy Kenny’s posters emblazoned on the sides and when they pulled up outside Gleeson’s Restaurant at The Square a little platform was pulled out and a microphone was produced and Deputy Kenny made a short address to the delight of the party faithful gathered there and equally to the bemusement of members of the general public who were going about their daily business.   Speaking to the People before he embarked on a walkabout in Main Street Deputy Kenny was very confident that Fine Gael were ready to take two seats in Roscommon/South Leitrim.   ‘We have an exceptional team here in this constituency. One of the strongest in the country. Denis Naughten and Frank Feighan will deliver two seats for us here and I am very confident about that’ he began.    ‘The trend in the polls for what they’re worth suggests that the people are tired of this government. They have been there ten years and they are jaded and not alone that but there is a litany of broken promised lying in their wake’ he continued.    ‘We promise accountability and delivery and not incompetence which has been the hallmark of the present government’ he continued.   Commenting on the recent opinion polls which show support for the alternative Co-alition and Fine Gael rising all the time Deputy Kenny said ‘There is only one poll that matters and that’s next Thursday.’  ‘The political obituary of the Fine Gael party was written five years ago and they told us we were gone. We set about rebuilding the party and we have tested that rebuilding process very successfully in the local and European elections and we are going to continue that in this election’ he continued.   ‘I’m very happy with the campaign. We have identified the issues and concentrated on them – things like health, the cost of living, education, crime, community policing and  many others. We have costed them properly and set our agenda with The Labour Party and we are the only group to have done that. We are promising stable government to the people for the next five years’ he said.    Before he headed off at high speed accompanied by Deputy Naughten and Senator Feighan and a possee of councillors and handlers three dogs began to bark loudly in close proximity. I put it to him that the dogs in the street were now giving Enda Kenny a great chance of becoming Taoiseach.   ‘There is a long way to go yet but we are confident that we can do it. Some of the dogs are barking with me and more are barkimg at me but I’m well used to that  but we shall see on Thursday week’ he concluded before bounding away in a manner that would impress even John O’Mahony who is preparing another Mayo team for a big day out in Salthill on Sunday next before his own date with political destiny.