Kenny critical of Coalition on rural record

Cllr. Martin Kenny, the Sinn Féin candidate for Roscommon- South Leitrim has urged the Minister for Communications Noel Dempsey to urgently act to prevent the ‘total collapse’ of this State’s post office network.    Cllr. Kenny said: ‘The absence of any real progressive Government policy in this area is alarming, especially when taken in the context that over a quarter of post offices have closed down since 2000. The Government must no longer stand idly by while our postal network decays before our eyes; a postal strategy is urgently needed.    ‘With this Government’s laissez-faire approach, rural communities are being deprived of what was once an essential part of the communities’ social fabric. Older people have to travel further distances to collect their pensions. Rural people feel abandoned by the State, as they are being deprived of an essential service. Sinn Féin believes that all citizens of the state are entitled to the same level of provision of public services; unfortunately Minister Dempsey and his Government do not see it this way.’