Kelly targets Finneran on Hospital

The Mayor of Roscommon County Council, Independent Cllr. John Kelly, called on Deputy Michael Finneran to make a clear statement supporting the full retention of all existing services at Roscommon County Hospital in the wake of the letter from the hospital consultants to the local media this week expressing fears about the future of the services there.   Cllr. Kelly says that the Government politicians misled people of Roscommon in the run-up to the election in order to get elected and that the fears that he had outlined to the people during the election campaign about Roscommon County Hospital were now coming back to haunt them.   ‘We heard all sorts of rubbish during the election campaign about how safe the County Hospital in Roscommon was. Now we know the truth, that it is in danger of losing vital services if there is not something done.    ‘I am calling on Deputy Michael Finneran to intervene and make a similar statement to that which he made the last time the services at the hospital were under threat. He should take a stand against the Government now and I want him to come out and make a major  statement now. He had plenty to say before he was elected but now he seems to be gone into hiding’ said Cllr. Kelly.   ‘I told the people during the election campaign that Mary Harney had signed over the running of the health service to Professor Drumm and the HSE and even though the  government politicians told me I was wrong I have been proven right now. As far as I can see Professor Drumm hasn’t a clue what he is doing and he is making it up as he goes along’ he said.    ‘We all know how valuable Roscommon County Hospital is and we know all the lives that have been saved as a result of having it there. We simply cannot afford to lose it or  any of the services we have there either. The government politicians have hoodwinked the people of Roscommon on this issue and it is now very serious. The clock is ticking’ he said.    See pages 1 and 8.