Kelly says bypass may not start until 2010

Cllr. John Kelly has this week claimed that following more correspondence from Mr. Fred Barry, CEO of the NRA — dated March 5 — it  appears that the Ballaghaderreen Bypass has merely been ?nudged forward? and any talk of a ?62 million commitment to it is ?more than premature?. ?The letter confirms that 600,000 Euro is being provided in 2007 for the CPO process to begin this year but it also says that there is no likely start date for construction as I have previously stated? he told the People. ?Mr. Barry says that other major projects will get priority as we have heard before so we have only received confirmation that the CPO process will begin and nothing else. From the correspondence I have received it would appear that the start date is likely to be after 2010. ?I was attacked at a recent council meeting for saying that before and now it appears that I was right in my analysis all along. ?It would appear that one arm of bureaucracy does not know what the other arm is doing and someone is misleading us? stated Cllr. Kelly. ?We now need a Government statement on the matter giving us a definite start date for construction of the bypass because I was of the opinion that Mr. Fred Barry was in charge of the road programme but some politicians think they are? he concluded.