Kelly calls for clarification on patient transport

General election candidate, Cllr John Kelly has called on the HSE to confirm or deny reports that transport to out-patient clinics of cancer and dialysis patients may be withdrawn after the General Election. Cllr. Kelly’s concerns have increased in the past week as information from similar sources to those that saw him predict the loss of the West Roscommon Ambulance Base are now indicating that patient transport is ‘the next thing for the chop’. "The service which has already been decimated, is to yet another body blow that of course won’t be delivered needless to say until after the General Election," continued Kelly. Kelly argues that this is yet another example of this Government’s commitment to shut down rural Ireland. "To date, they can boast about its non commitment to securing the future of our hospital, taking away our promised ambulance base, closing rural post offices, and now withdrawing what our people had for years, transport to outpatient clinics. "Thankfully on the canvass, the mood of the electorate from Mohill to Ballinameen, Ballintubber to Granlahan, Taughmaconell to Roscommon Town, is that we have had enough, it is time for change – it is time for a new beginning. And I believe an independent with potentially the balance of power can turn the lights back on in rural Ireland," concluded Cllr. Kelly.