Kelly backs nurses

Cllr. John Kelly has come out in support of the nurses currently involved in an industrial dispute.  "The work that nurses do continually in the front line in the most stressful of situations can and should never be undervalued. There is no doubt in my mind that sooner or later the nurses have to start getting parity of esteem with relevant occupations under benchmarking," he argued. "Of course conceding a thirty five hour working week and the relevant increases is not a possibility in the short term, but the path must be paved towards these concessions in the long term, otherwise this issue will raise its head again very soon," he continued.   "Yet again, the ominous messages coming from the HSE appear to be cost cutting or stabilising at minimum, as opposed to quality service providers. Let the constituents of Roscommon/ South Leitrim know also that the next move is to move Community Welfare Officers from the community and into central telephone answering/customer service buildings," he concluded.