Kelly accuses ‘dishonest’ Fianna Fail

Seamus Duke Roscommon Independent councillor John Kelly has strongly criticised the outgoing Fianna Fail government and their conduct during last year’s election campaign on the issue of Roscommon County Hospital.   ‘During the election campaign I asked for one simple thing. I wanted the government to give me something in writing telling the people of Roscommon that that the future of the hospital was secure. They would not do it. In fact Bertie Ahern said in Castlerea that he was sick and tired giving assurances on Roscommon hospital and that nothing would happen on his watch’ he said.   ‘Bertie was partially right of course. But his watch is over now and here we are faced with the downgrading of the hospital and we seem to be totally powerless.    ‘Fianna Fail knew that the Hanly Report was there and they were dishonest with the people of Roscommon during the election campaign last year’ he continued.   ‘The biggest joke of the whole thing is that we hear every week that Michael Finneran is seeking an urgent meeting with Minister Harney. How hard is it  for a minister to go to see another one? It would appear to me that the decisions are made and all the meetings in the world won’t change things.’    Cllr. Kelly says that he is not calling on Fianna Fail TD and junior minister Michael Finneran to resign. ‘Michael Finneran resigning would not achieve anything. Whatever small chance we have with Michael Finneran as a junior minister and TD, we have none if he resigns – but he will have to put his shoulder to the wheel now or we are doomed’ he said.   Cllr. Kelly also put the pressure on Fine Gael when he said this week: ‘I am asking Fine Gael to put it in writing that if they get into government they will reverse the downgrading of Roscommon County Hospital. I want to know where they stand too. The people deserve to know what their views are too.’