Keep your trick or treaters safe this Halloween



For many families, one of the most exciting nights of the year is Halloween. However, while parents (of which I am one), can spend a lot of time focusing on the fun part, the outlandish and funky costumes, the face paint and the tasty treats, very often, through no fault of our own, the whole safety aspect goes awry and unsuspecting little kiddies may sometimes find themselves in an awkward, or worse, an unsafe situation.

  So, in order to make sure your night ends as it began, with fun and laughter, we’ve put together a few safety tips for you. We hope readers find them helpful.

  Plan out your trick or treat route now: Accompany your kids or at least make sure there’s a responsible adult doing the rounds with them. Charge your ‘phone and bring it with you and know in advance which houses you’ll call upon, and which are probably best avoided. Remember, not everyone gets into the Halloween spirit, and kids banging down doors laughing and shouting will not be welcome everywhere. So please be respectful.

  When you’re out walking, make sure everyone has some manner of reflective tags or armbands on them and please be aware of busy traffic when crossing roads. If the kids aren’t keen on having a reflective arm band on their costume, get them glow sticks to wave or glow necklaces or hair bobbins that’ll alert oncoming traffic to their presence.

  Please, please check any sweets, treats or little toys your child is given for signs of tampering. If the sweets are not in their original sealed wrappers, bin them! If your child has an allergy, in case of an accidental incident where they unsuspectingly eat something they shouldn’t, have any prescribed medication to hand for immediate administration. There is always a possible choking hazard with certain hard sweets or toffees, etc., so practice your Heimlich manoeuvre now.

  If your child is wearing a mask or a witch’s hat, etc., make sure it fits correctly and doesn’t obstruct his/her vision.

  If you’re allowing them to carve a pumpkin, please supervise them at all times in the event of any accident occurring with sharp knives, etc., and have the first aid kit stocked and ready.