Kedco – Providers of a Clean and Cost Effective Source of Energy

Kedco Energy is a leading Irish company specialising in wood pellet heating systems.  Kedco Energy delivers renewable energy heating solutions for houses and businesses throughout Ireland and provides quality assured products at competitive prices.  Kedco offers consumers a complete solution including supply and commissioning of a wood pellet boiler, connection to existing domestic heating system (radiators etc) and ongoing supply of wood pellets. Kedco Products include: Wood Pellet Boilers, Wood Pellet Stoves, Wood Pellet Timber Housing, Wood Pellets, Wood Pellet Indoor Silos, bio-ethanol fuels and solar panels.   Kedco wood pellets offer a clean and cost effective source of energy – when compared to oil or other fossil fuels, Kedco wood pellets offers a much cleaner and cheaper source of energy, reducing the cost of domestic heating bills by up to c30% per annum. Kedco wood pellets are also sustainable, help in the fight against climate change, have a high energy fuel and guarantees fuel supply.  With easy handling and storage, fully automated systems, and low emissions, wood pellets are becoming increasingly popular as organisations and homeowners choose to replace the combustion of fossil fuels with sustainable and cost effective alternatives. Kedco wood pellets are clean, efficient, and environmentally friendly and offer a cost-effective solution to your home or business heating needs. A Kedco Wood Pellet heating system is carbon-neutral therefore it does not contribute to global warming. Kedco manufacture their own premium wood pellets to standards adhered to in the EU.  The fuel supply of a wood pellet heating system is abundant, renewable, and safe from price-hikes and supply problems which are associated with traditional fossil fuels. All Kedco products are manufactured to the highest standards and are set to stand the test of time, providing a source of warmth for you and your family for years to come! Additionally there is a government grant available of up to €4,200 on boilers. While the Irish market is only getting started, wood pellet fuel is going from strength to strength throughout Europe where they have been used for more than 10 years. The advantages of Biomass Fuels includes the fact that Ireland’s dependency on fossil fuels is reduced – Ireland’s economy is over 98% reliant on fossil fuels (source Dept of Communications Marine and Natural Resources).  Additional benefits include the following: biomass fuels are a sustainable source of fuel; the costs of renewable energy are not affected by world events; the use of wood based fuels contribute to the growth of future new wood – when wood is burnt it produces carbon dioxide and water vapour and with the energy of the sun, carbon dioxide and water are in turn essential for the growth of new wood; industry and services will lower their cost base and become more competitive.  Furthermore, biomass fuels aids in the fight against global warming – the most noticeable change in the climate is the greenhouse effect which is brought about by the combustion of enormous quantities of fossil combustibles and fuels to obtain energy. In contrast to oil, coal and natural gas, however, the combustion of wood based fuel does not result in additional CO2 being released, thus helping the fight against global warming. For more information please log onto or contact Michael Lyons on 086 0657218