Kaziu and Krynia in Ireland

My parents, it’s not just that they’re over 50, but they never travelled in a plane before. When I told this to my Irish friends, they were a little surprised. The fact is that Polish parents don’t fly because people in the middle of Europe usually choose to travel by car. In a few hours they can visit areas all over Europe. Cheap flights from Poland only arrived with mass emigration. Before that, countries like Ireland or Great Britain were not popular places to visit. For the past two years I have been thinking about inviting my parents to Ireland and finally, it came about. At the airport in Krakow, just before the flight, Kaziu (my father) was totally stressed out. He dealt with the stress by ordering a triple cognac. So, when he was on the plane, he just slept like a baby. Krynia (my mother) was really brave. She was sitting with her nose pressed up to the window and she watched the clouds, all the time thinking it was snow.  The survived the flight but still didn’t know what happened. Overall, the really enjoyed their time in Ireland. Of course, my father was speaking non-stop about the history of Ireland and I felt a little stupid because I am living here and I don’t know that much about the history. When we were at the Cliffs of Moher, he created a funny story and he suggested that the priest Tadeusz can buy the Cliffs and say Mass there for his pious eldery female fans, the Mohair Beret Brigade. During the few days, my parents often compared Poland and Ireland, but never said which was worse or better. Some things were just different and it doesn’t matter that they really enjoyed the visit, in the last day they just started to get homesick. Kaziu started dreaming about reading ‘Angory’ (Polish newspaper) and Krynia started to worry about the dog and the rabbit (they stayed at home with grandmother). They came to Ireland with one small case. They left with three cases full of Irish memorabilia. They told me that the return flight was really nice, and they managed to negotiate Dublin Airport without any problem. Kaziu phoned from Poland and said that Dublin from the plane looked like Las Vegas. They thanked me for the holiday and went back to everyday life. Kaziu and Krynia are now fully content because they know how their daughter lives and for all the treasure in the world, they wouldn’t leave Poland. I know that the next time I visit my parents in Poland, they won’t ask me why I left. They understand me and I understand them. The generation gap has passed away because of the thousand kilometres between us. Kaziu and Krynia, just like Mary and Joseph, or Jadzia and Zenek, they know how to love Poland and I have to agree with the old adage, ‘you can’t move old trees’.