Join Our Boys Trust launches annual Christmas Present Day in Archie’s memory

Roscommon mum Paula Naughton and her husband Padraic have issued a heartfelt thanks to everyone who supported the 2021 Christmas Present Day in support of Join Our Boys Trust and asked for their support for a second year to support the completion of the garden and external areas of the house as well as funding the ongoing search for a cure for DMD.

The support from this fundraising campaign in 2021 finally enabled the Naughton family to move into their purpose-built home in Roscommon town. Now the focus is on finding a cure for this terrible disease for George, Isaac and all children suffering from DMD. George and Isaac’s brother Archie passed away from DMD this year on July 7th, aged just sixteen, and his dying wish was to find a cure to save his younger brothers.

In 2012, when Archie was six and the twins George and Isaac were two and a half, all three boys were diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD). DMD is a catastrophic muscle wasting disease which has already impacted on the boys’ ability to walk, use their limbs, or even hug the people they love. Those who live until their late teens are likely to become totally paralysed. DMD eventually proves fatal due to respiratory and/or heart failure. George and Isaac are paralysed and in wheelchairs. They are now struggling to use their arms.

The Join Our Boys Trust was set up in 2014. The aim of the Trust is twofold: to fund research into finding a cure for DMD disease, and to complete a purpose-built house that will accommodate the family for as long as they require it

Since the Trust was established, enough money has been raised to build the house, which is in Roscommon town. The proceeds from this fundraiser will hopefully help find a treatment, ideally a cure for DMD, and support the ongoing objectives of the Trust. The funds will also help complete the garden and external areas of the house to a comfortable level for George and Isaac to enjoy.

Everyone can help find a cure for DMD and fulfil Archie’s dying wish by donating a ‘Christmas Present’ to the boys at