John Brennan on Trump…and Roscommon




Say what you will about former CIA boss John Brennan – and he has his critics – but he certainly stays loyal to his Roscommon roots!

  Brennan, now a vocal critic of President Trump, worked for US Presidents Obama, Bush and Clinton – but he and the present incumbent are the proverbial sworn enemies.

  Recently Brennan gave an extensive interview to the Irish Times…and he didn’t spare President Trump.

  “What really just rankles me to no end is his dishonesty, his lack of ethics and principles and character, the way he demeans and degrades and denigrates individuals or institutions of government…the fact that he wilfully misleads not just the American people but the world”.

  Trump, he says, hasn’t just fallen short of the required standard, he has “trampled that standard”. (In turn, President Trump controversially revoked the former CIA Director’s security clearance).

  As to his Roscommon connections, Brennan fondly recalled his many visits to the Kilteevan/Roscommon area, including with his father Owen (since deceased) and brother for the 2013 Gathering.

  From the Irish Times: “His father, the seventh of 10 children from County Roscommon, trained as a blacksmith before leaving Ireland for the United States in 1949 when he was 28 years old…”

  Brennan recalled returning to Kilteevan with his then 93-year-old father in 2013. “We were in the local paper” he told the Irish Times, with a smile.

   It seems the CIA had eyes everywhere! No doubt he was referring to the Roscommon People!