Jobless rise in Roscommon

The number of people on the live register in County Roscommon has increased by 164 in the last year, although the figures for October 2007 were down by 22 on the figures for the previous month. Figures released by the CSO this week show that a total of 1,388 people were on the live register in the County in October 2007. The figure for October of last year was 1,224, while the figure for September ’07 was 1,410. The largest percentage of unemployed people are in the Castlerea area, at 634. Next is Roscommon at 393 and Boyle at 361. In the past 12 months the numbers on the live register in Boyle have decreased from 364 to 361. Increases were recorded in both Castlerea (+89) and Roscommon (+78) in the last year. A total of 847 males and 541 females are unemployed with the vast majority being over 25 years of age. Just 257 people under 25 are unemployed, or 0.4 percent of the county’s population.