J-90 original lyrics to feature at Jack’s

Five-piece band J-90 will feature in Jack’s Bar in the Royal Hotel, Roscommon on Saturday night, November 24th. The band has one ambition, to write new and exciting music and each member has a part to play in that. For the past three years, J-90 have been writing powerful rock hip-hop songs with lyrics dealing with everyday life. J-90 currently gig all over the country, on average four nights a week. They can play to an audience of between 200-2000 a night and they have also played for the American Ambassadors son’s 16th birthday party and their daughter’s 21st birthday party in 2005 and 2006. Christmas week 2006 J-90 released their first single and video through download, it went straight to No. 1 and stayed there for five weeks, right into the New Year of 2007. "Freak" is a funny dilemma with a quirky outcome and will grab you into the chorus leaving you unable to forget it. J-90 produced and directed the video and they also recruited around 100 volunteer J-90 fans to work and star in it. The band is comprised of five artists, Ger, Shane, Ed, Wayne and Evan. Ger and Shane are on vocals with Ger also playing decks, vocoder and samples. Shane is also on guitar (having the proud accolade of being UK guitarist of the year when he was just 16). Ed plays guitar and does backing vocals. Wayne is on bass guitar and Evan is on drums. J-90’s ambitions are very simple they want to gig, write songs, keep their fans happy and hopefully some day, sell out Wembley!