It’s a long and winding road…as Beatles return to the top!

I see the Beatles are back in the UK charts! Woo hoo!

That’s impossible!

It’s not! I’m serious… in fact, the Beatles are not just back in the UK charts, they’ve gone to number 1!


Yes, a song which John Lennon started in 1978 has just gone to number 1!

Wow! Talk about a long and winding road…

Er, yeah!

But hey…



Hey Jude?

No, just hey… hey, what do you mean John Lennon started this in 1978?

Well, John Lennon started writing this song, did a recording, but didn’t finish it. Now, the surviving Beatles have just completed it – with the help of AI – and it’s gone to number 1! Yesterday!

Yesterday? But ‘Yesterday’ was finished long before 1978! I’m not falling for this!


‘Yesterday’ came out before 1978.


… as in ‘all my troubles seemed so far away’… so, I put it to you that your 1978 reference is wrong!


I feel fine! ‘Baby’s good to me…’


(Editor: I can’t, I just can’t…)


Look, it’s quite simple. The Beatles went back to the top of the charts… yesterday.

With ‘Yesterday?’… So, NOT with a song from 1978?

No, NOT with Yesterday! With their new song…

NEW? I thought it was a song from 1978?
Well, yes, I mean with their new old song. The unfinished song. Which is now finished. Now and Then.


It’s Now and Then. Number 1!

Ah, they were number 1 then… and now! With Yesterday?

NO! They’re number 1 NOW, with the unfinished song, which they recently finished…

From 1978?

YES, YES! It’s called ‘Now and Then’. The song is Now and Then! And it’s gone to NUMBER 1. It went to number 1 in the charts YESTERDAY. As in, the day before today. Nothing to do with their classic song, YESTERDAY. OKAY!

I never heard! When did you hear this?


Any word on the Rolling Stones?


Sorry! But seriously, this is all so…

It’s REALLY not that complicated! ‘Now and Then’ – the new Beatles song – went to number 1 yesterday, and I only heard that news today! Okay?

Sorry, still confused. Can you explain one more time? Surely, er… ‘We can work it out’?

Oh just… LET IT BE!