It’s not Fair! Murphy says Government is ignoring farmers



Fianna Fáil TD Eugene Murphy has accused the Government of ignoring the farming community by failing to bring in changes to the Fair Deal Scheme which would benefit those working in the sector.  

  Deputy Murphy said: “The Government made grand announcements that they would amend the Fair Deal legislation to support farm families. These vital changes would have brought in a Bill to cap farm contributions from farm assets at three years, if a family member is continuing to work on the farm.

  “Heads of Bill have still not been published despite much anticipation in the farming community. This delay is unacceptable and will mean that farm families across the country are losing out on the benefits of this scheme.

  “This has been a bugbear for farming families for years, and these changes are desperately needed to make the scheme fairer and to ensure that older farmers can access the care they need”.

  Deputy Murphy said that the farming community is “up in arms”.

  He added: “There have been no supports for the sector as Brexit looms. There have been no changes to the Fair Deal Scheme. The sector is being neglected. All attempts should be made to support them”.