It’s harvest time in Creggs!




The border village of Creggs is gearing up for its biggest weekend of the year. The Creggs Harvest Festival will kick off on Friday night and continue right through the bank holiday weekend.

  Committee members spoke to the Roscommon People earlier this week to detail plans for this year’s event.

  Chairperson Michael O’Roarke said they hoped to build on the success of last year’s event.

  “We’re doing the parade again this year – last year was the first time we had the parade. It was very good last year,” he said.

  As with most events of its kind in Ireland, the harvest festival relies on favourable weather, as last year’s Personality of the Year, Tom Connolly reiterated.

  “We are totally dependent on weather because of the time of year. We’d be hoping for a fine day this year.”

  Michael O’Roarke then provided an insight into the origins of the festival back in the late 1970s.

  “That time we had six pubs in the village and we had two dancing lounges so it started off as an Irish music festival. We had different people coming to the village and we had different music competitions.”

  Fellow committee member, Mary Kelly, said it wasn’t just the music that drew the crowds.

  “There used to be poetry reading too!”

  “Clay pigeon shooting was big for years,” added Michael.

  “That’s right,” agreed Mary “and stock car racing too.”

  “Tractor pulling was another big feature,” remembered Tom as the memories of harvest festivals of years past came flooding back.

  There was also some debate as to whether a former Miss Ireland, Yvonne Costello, had turned up in the village one year.

  Tom seemed to remember an invite being extended but no-one could confirm whether it had been accepted.

  The talk turned to the improvements the committee would like to see in future years as well as the hope of young blood to keep the festival going.

  The consensus is that the festival must go on due to its popularity among locals and visitors alike. Its popularity has even extended to businesses in Creggs and surrounding areas, with 40 floats taking part in last year’s parade.

  This weekend the committee is hoping for harvest weather as the village of Creggs once again comes alive for the biggest weekend of the year.