It’s a family affair for the Osgood-Dalys


It’s rather apt that Iain Daly and Bernie Osgood live in a home overlooking Michael Glavey’s’ pitch, such is their dedication to their local club. The manager and PRO have both played for the club and their children Lauren (16), Rebecca (14) and Conor (8) have each followed in their footsteps. Iain even joins wife Bernie in coaching some of the club’s younger players on Saturday mornings. Although this Saturday morning, he may need to take a rain check as Michael Glavey’s prepare to take on Moy Tír na nÓg in the All-Ireland Club Intermediate final in Croke Park.

  He said it’s been a hectic few days following his team’s win over Kilanerin last Saturday.

  “It’s busy at the moment, trying to get everything done. It’s a very short timescale (between semi-final and final), trying to make sure everyone recovers and while they’re doing that I’ve to watch videos and make lots of phone calls and find out as much as we can about them (Moy Tír na nÓg)”.

  “We do switch off sometimes!” Bernie interjects.

  While both Iain and Bernie are busy in their respective roles, they’re quick to highlight the trojan effort from everyone involved in the club.

  “There are about 40 full-time club members who are busy all year round, between teams and running the administration and doing the work that no-one sees,” said Bernie.

  “There are lots of family connections between all those people too. Lots of families involved,” says Iain before Bernie jumps back in: “And four different areas involved as well”.

  “Once the kids get together at Conor’s age, they seem to pull together all the way through even though they go to different schools. It’s a real draw to be part of Glavey’s; I think they really feel a sense of belonging. I think the parents see that and are really supportive of the kids coming through”.

  Iain believes that that sense of support has extended beyond the parish in recent weeks.

  “There’s been lots of positive support from all the clubs (in Roscommon). They’re all positive and helpful and even wanting to help and see if there’s anything they can do. It’s been great,” he smiles.

  Support at home is also crucial and he is fully aware of how important family is when it comes to allowing him to spend time training and preparing the team on a weekly basis.

  “I suppose that’s where the older kids come in! I tend to leave my duties behind and that’s what allows me to do the job. Unless you have the support of the people here in the house you just wouldn’t be able to do it.

  “There are periods when it occupies all of your time and periods when it’s not as full on but you just have to prepare as best you can. You’ve got to give the lads the best information and get them as ready as you can and let them perform,” he said.

  And when it comes to performing on the big stage the Osgood-Dalys know a thing or two. Iain has All-Ireland Junior and Connacht titles with Roscommon while Bernie and Lauren have both played for the county. But it’s Rebecca who boasts the most impressive claim to fame.

  “It was back in 2014, it was at an all-girl Gaelic football camp during the summer and we all went to Croke Park for it and I scored a goal. It’s good because I did something my dad didn’t do!” she tells us.

  Rebecca’s goal is even more impressive considering she required a kidney transplant at the age of six.

  “Rebecca was two when she got sick,” Bernie begins, “She got E Coli poisoning so it was quite sudden. We had a couple of years when she was on machines overnight and she was quite ill all the time. She was on the list for a long time. She got her transplant when she was six and she came home on her seventh birthday”.

  “Rebecca got the transplant, (but it was) herself (nodding to Bernie) who donated a kidney by the way,” Iain added.

  “Well Iain was tested as well but his kidneys were…”

  “Less than perfect but OK for me!” he quips before she can finish.

  It’s an emotional subject but one that has thankfully had a happy ending.

  “We had a busy few years and we just had had Conor at that stage as well. It was busy but it worked out great because Rebecca’s great. Following our own experience, Iain and myself would ask people to discuss organ donation with their families,” Bernie said.

  As for the club and the support network it provided during those stressful days, Bernie and Iain can’t thank their fellow members enough.

  “The best thing about Glavey’s, as Iain said earlier, is the people. The people and the bonds you make. Going back to the time when Rebecca was sick, the people around us kept us going and were here helping us and encouraging us and helping our families who were worried all the time. It’s the people who make Glavey’s, that’s the most important thing”.