It’s a celebration, but…Anne’s advice is to space it out and keep it balanced!




As the season’s celebrations – i.e. junk foods and giant portions – beckon, we caught up with local Functional Nutritional Therapist Anne Quirke and sought her expert advice around keeping our nutrition balanced this Christmas.

  “We’re all human, we all deserve treats from time to time and if you’re doing your best with your nutrition 70 per cent of the time, then treating yourself 30 per cent of the time won’t jeopardise your health. Keep it balanced and spread out that 30 per cent over Christmas, birthdays and other special events,” advises Anne.


Anne’s top tips for healthy eating

• Keep all meals balanced with protein, carbs, fats, vitamins and minerals.

• Support your body with fresh fruit and veg but make sure it’s five portions of veg and two portions of fruit.

• Watch sugar intake. If you over-indulge, take a short walk daily. Exercise improves the cells’ response to insulin, thereby metabolising glucose more efficiently.


Understanding that party-goers will indulge in G&Ts and glasses of wine over the festive season, Anne, while not recommending readers consume alcoholic beverages, is very conscious that many of us will; so her advice is very useful.

            • If drinking alcohol, drink water before you go out and again in between alcoholic drinks.

            • Try to limit your alcohol intake to approximately one an hour; this makes it easier for your liver to break down the alcohol and makes the effects less taxing on your liver. So space it out.

            • Taking a Vitamin C supplement before you go out (or afterwards) to support your liver to detox the alcohol is very useful.

            • B Complex supplements are also great. It takes a lot of energy to metabolise alcohol and your energy cells are working overtime, so B Vitamins will help to metabolise the alcohol quicker, making its effects less harsh on your liver.