Is all your land working for you?

Forestry has a 30-year tradition of complimenting farming in rural Ireland where landowners have afforested the marginal areas of their farms and used the premium payments to invest in their beef, dairy or sheep enterprise.

  Forestry is a recognised secure pension plan, demand for forest land is high and the co-op encourages farmers to “hold on to their farms” and contact us for advice before selling their land. Income generated from forestry premiums is vital to rural Ireland.

  If this sounds attractive to you then maybe it’s time you considered forestry and make your marginal land work to its full potential.

Why Forestry?

• Trees grow 2-3 times faster in Ireland

• Trees grow very well on marginal land

• Annual income tax free premium of up to €257 per acre for 15 years

• Retain your entitlements in the Basic Payment Scheme

• Full planting grant – costs you nothing

• Very low labour input

• Income from timber sales income tax free

• Retain ownership of Trees and Land

• Timber is a Secure Pension Plan

• FREE Inspection & Advice

 Afforestation Grant Scheme

The afforestation grant scheme includes a 100% establishment grant which covers:

• Ground cultivation

• Trees & Planting

• Fertiliser

• IS 436 Fencing

• Vegetation control

• 4 years maintenance

All landowners who plant land will recieve the High Premium Rate (includes retired farmers, people exiting AEOS & REPS, inherited land, part time farmers, etc).

Why Western Forestry Co-op?

Western Forestry Co-op has 30 years experience in advising farmers on forestry. The Co-op was established in 1985 by the Dairy Co-operatives in Western Counties in response to a need for support services for farmers considering forestry. The Co-op ethos of transparency, trust and loyalty are our foundation. Please contact your local Co-op Forester Colm Freyne on 087-6606043.