Irish Water upgrades water mains at Lisnamult and Cremully/Aghagad

Irish Water has confirmed that it has completed upgrade works at two water mains in County Roscommon this week.

The state-owned body said it had replaced old pipework in Lisnamult on the outskirts of Roscommon town, and between Cremully and Aghagad in Fuerty, which it added would mean fewer outages and bursts for both communities.

The works included 1.5kms of new pipes between Cremully and Aghagad and half a kilometre of new water main at Lisnamult under Irish Water’s National Leak Reduction Programme.

Irish Water’s Networks Regional Lead Declan Cawley explained that his team is working with Roscommon County Council to prioritise leakage reduction in the areas that need it most.

“We were aware of the pressure issues for our customers in the Lisnamult area, but the new pipework has resolved that,” he said.

“Meanwhile, the project in Cremully means locals there are not inconvenienced by regular bursts. These works have reduced the amount of treated water being lost underground, safeguarding the area’s water supply for the future”.

Both projects will help Irish Water achieve its 2030 goal of a national leakage rate of 25 per cent.

Since 2018, Irish Water has invested more than €500 million to upgrade the underground water network across the country through the delivery of the national Leakage Reduction Programme. The group said a further €250 million would be invested every year up to the end of 2030.