Irish farmers ready to respond to food security concerns – Macra 

Recent reports have suggested that farmers may be required to change their model of farming to meet demands of food security. Threats to food security have emerged over the past number of days as a result of matters escalating in the Ukraine and Russia.

  According to Macra na Feirme National President, John Keane, Irish farmers are best place to meet this demand. 

  “As world leaders in sustainable food production, it makes sense for Ireland and its farmers to produce additional food to meet these demands,” he said.

  “Irish farmers have constantly addressed and met challenges in terms of food demand and security and the sustainability associated with that production”. 

  Mr. Keane said the Government must send a clear signal around food security and growth going forward. 

  “Only very recently we have had Government Ministers saying that Irish farmers have no obligation to feed the world, we are now seeing a different narrative,” he said.  

  “The issues of labour, input costs, education, knowledge transfer and land availability remain a barrier in addressing any challenge or change”.

  The Macra President added that farmers will need to be supported: “The above issues need to be addressed hand in hand, whilst asking farmers to do more to meet demand and need as it arises. It reinforces the point that Irish farmers given the climate we are in, are best placed to grow safe sustainable food”.