Introducing the Sean Beirne school of negativity!

Anyone who doubted whether the election campaign is effectively on should have been in the council chamber for this week’s monthly County Council meeting when there were several good-humoured exchanges between the various councillors.    Here is a sample – from an exchange which took place between Fianna Fail Councillor John Cummins and Fine Gael’s Sean Beirne during a debate on the water programme for 2007.   Cllr Beirne: ‘It’s the same old story – promises, promises, promises – and then when the election is over then the whole country will come to a stop because nothing will be done at all.’   Cllr. Cummins: ‘And Fine Gael would never make any promises, I suppose.’   Cllr. Beirne: ‘Bertie was on the auction politics mode after the weekend.’   Cllr. Cummins: ‘I think we’ll all have to go to the Sean Beirne school of negativity!’