Input prices rise

The price of fertiliser has risen 45 percent in the last year, while the price of feedstuffs is up by over 20 percent, according to recent figures from the Central Statistics Office. However, the good news is that cereal, milk, vegetable and cattle prices are also up substantially on last year’s figures. The seasonally adjusted input price index increased by three percent in February 2008, compared with January 2008. The seasonally adjusted output price index increased by 2.4 percent. Comparing February 2008 unadjusted agricultural price indices with the corresponding February 2007 indices shows that:  Fertilisers (up 45 percent), feeding stuffs (up 20.4 percent), energy (up 14.6 percent), seeds (up 6.9 percent) and veterinary expenses (up 1.6 percent), while plant protection products were down 0.1 percent. Cereals, milk, vegetables, cattle, poultry and sheep were up 67.7 percent, 49.1 percent, 12.7 percent, 11.9 percent, 10.9 percent and 5.9 percent respectively, while potatoes and pigs were down 34.9 percent and 1.4 percent.