Innovative singer-songwriter Graham on stage in JJ’s

Graham Sweeney, an innovative young singer-songwriter from Achill Island, will play in The Square House Social in JJ Hawlow’s, Market Square, Roscommon town, on Friday, October 16.

  Graham utilises a combination of techniques, blending traditional guitar playing with his own unique style of finger-tapping. The result is a truly distinctive sound that captivates audiences and leaves them wanting more.

  During his dynamic live sets, he shifts seamlessly between percussive guitar riffs and delicate vocal melodies.

  Meanwhile, on Saturday, October 17, The Suitcase Junket – Matt Lorenz’s internationally touring one-man ban – will perform at the same venue.

  Matt Lorenz is a Vermont-born musician, visual artist and tinkerer. The Suitcase Junket’s artistic vision is one of salvaged and repurposed objects, images and emotions.

  With masterful command over instruments of his own creation, he silences a room with the first notes of his throat singing and holds the crowd until the final chords of his guitar.