In defence of the Irish mammy!

Yes, Irish mammies have a lot to answer for. We can probably blame them for some dodgy medical advice such as “wear two pairs of knickers in the winter otherwise you’ll get a kidney infection” – which is incorrect. We all know kidney infections are caused by bacteria and not by having a cold a**e! 

  However I would disagree with journalist Alison O’Connor who claimed on ‘Brendan O’Connor’s Cutting Edge’ that we can blame Irish mammies for some Irish men being sexist. Alison explained how she feels she’s been discriminated against due to her gender. And I feel for her because I’ve been unfairly treated in a past career, as have many women, and I imagine it was as a direct result of a biased, gender distortion…but hey, I’ve never for one moment felt that the root cause of all our feminine afflictions was due to the interference of our mammies.

  You see, during the show’s discussion, Tom McGurk raised a point regarding the ratio of men to women who appear on d’telly, (long story short), and Alison, looking as if perhaps she hadn’t properly prepared, decided now would be a good time to wade in with what I felt was her ridiculous theory whereby, when asked by host Brendan if she’d “blame the Irish mammy for a lot of sexist pigs that we see around today?” she replied, “I would blame the Irish mammy” adding “in general, the Irish mammy has an awful lot to answer for.”

  Really Alison? I didn’t raise men, but I’d like to think that as a proud Irish mammy of two adult women, I raised them to be strong adults, not whingers, and definitely not victims. I refute the insinuation that myself, and other Irish mammies who raise daughters and sons, are ambitious Faustian characters who, dissatisfied with their lot, surrender all moral integrity to the devil in order to achieve power by making sure their sons, their heirs, their golden boys, overachieve and rule the roost; and that their daughters cower and bow to their man’s every whim!

  I cheered when Tom McGurk retaliated, challenging Alison’s comments saying, “I had an Irish mammy. I don’t want you to include her in your dismissal.” He added: “You’re defending women, you’re arguing the case for women being discriminated against and you’re attacking mothers… explain that one.” Advantage Mr. McGurk!

  You see, (I could be wrong) but I wondered if Alison, who’s a talented lady and a mother herself, was trying to depict Irish mammies as a toxic subspecies. You know, females who typically love their sons with an obsession that burns so brightly turn into castrating banshees, refusing to separate their molly-coddled baby boys from the 10-year-old kid they yearn for them to remain, and the grown-up, respectful man/husband/father/work colleague they’re supposed to be.

  I mean, does Alison want us to believe that Irish mammies, nay wonderful Roscommon mammies, whom she “blames”, are harridans, constantly criticising their daughters but praising and spoiling their sons, thus leading to women being discriminated against?  

  Irish mammies are not great big polyesterwearing monsters, despite what Alison O’Connor may have us believe. Okay yes, as mothers we do give our kids a lot of emotional c**p, (and dodgy medical advice) but when my girls hit a crisis or need a cry – younger one, older one’s Maggie Thatcher… tears are for wimps – I’m their first port of call. I’m the one who listens and talks them through the storm –  yeah; me… the one the former out-laws believed had a cactus lodged up her backside. I’m also the one that, (like many mammies), my kids tried desperately hard to avoid turning into. But they still love me.

Show your love for Roscommon and shop local this Christmas

Community spirit is alive and well this Christmas in County Roscommon and I for one would like to say how happy I am to have made this lovely county my home. He-who-has-the-patience-of-a-saint agrees.

  To be honest, readers, our move to this county was not only life-changing, but, for me in particular, it was also career-defining and scary. Regulars will know I’ve worked on national publications and on national telly but writing for this local newspaper, this lovely, family-run, family-friendly publication that has – in my vast experience and humble opinion, managed to raise the bar when it comes to serving its readership and community – has proved to be very positive for me. 

  For all my so-called achievements in working on high profile publications/broadcast productions, and living, socialising and shopping in da big shmoke, I tell you I’m so looking forward to strolling around Roscommon town this Christmas, to enjoying the lights, soaking up the festive atmosphere, shopping, eating, drinking and parking for free! While I’m at it, a massive well done to Roscommon Chamber and all the volunteers for their hard work in preparing the town for Santa… bring it on big guy; we’re ready for ya! 

Sick of the PC Brigade!

Outside of the fact that we’re both female, myself and California girl Gigi Hadid have absolutely nothing in common. I think we’d all agree on that. However, last week, adding to her catwalk abilities, the young woman who manages to keep a ‘relationship’ going with ex One Directioner Zayn Malik proved she’s quite the impressionist when at the American Music Awards (AMAs), Gigi did what was in my opinion a decent impression, a harmless skit, of mimicking President-elect Donald Trump’s wife Melania, leading her to face a vicious Twitter backlash from hysterical bleeding hearts labelling her a ‘racist.’

  One can only wonder how these keyboard warriors sat for hours in the glow of their computer screens before their enraged meaty fingers sprang to life and peck, peck, pecked out their outrage and displeasure. I mean, step aside Socrates, there’s a new breed of philosopher in town; they’re called the humourless politically correct! 

  Look, what Hadid did wasn’t racial discrimination; it was a comedy sketch, that’s all. Whenever people try to take off my Dublin accent I don’t get upset, I don’t make the assumption they’re racist, (I do assume they’re tiresome); I just laugh it off because they don’t mean any harm. They’re having a laugh. For God’s sake, aren’t we allowed to have a bit of fun in our lives any more? Besides, haven’t we all suffered enough; between Brexit and the shock of Trump being elected as POTUS, aren’t laughter and satire all we’ve got left!