Ifac welcomes fund for beef farmers





Ifac, the farming, food and agribusiness professional services firm, has welcomed the announcement of the availability of a multi-million euro fund for beef farmers. 

  Speaking about the announcement, Tommy Fallon, a partner at Ifac’s Roscommon Office said: “This new funding announcement is very welcome and much-needed. Irish beef farmers are caught in a perfect storm of falling prices, shrinking markets, currency fluctuations and rising costs. While beef farmers have proved themselves to be incredibly resilient in the past, the current market conditions are the most challenging yet.  

  “Ifac teams around the country are working hard advising farmers on how best to structure their farms so that they can keep costs under control, maintain positive cashflow and plan for the future. We’re finding that the pressure these farmers are under is at an all time high.

  “This funding announcement by Commissioner Hogan will help provide some financial relief to the sector. We would encourage the Irish government to match these funds in a move that would clearly support beef farmers to mitigate some of the worst impacts of Brexit over the coming 24 months. The need has never been greater”.