IFA welcomes Nitrates Derogation extension

IFA Environment Chairperson Paul O’Brien has welcomed the extension to the 2022 Nitrates Derogation application deadline until midnight Friday, April 22nd.

  “The extra week will provide much needed time for farmers wishing to apply for a derogation to gather and prepare the information required to submit the online application,” he said.

  Mr. O’Brien said that farmers should take the time to familiarise themselves with the detailed conditions set out in the 2022 Nitrates Derogation terms and conditions with regard to nutrient management; soil testing and management; manure management; training requirements; grassland management; and biodiversity enhancement.

  “There are nearly 40 measures that farmers need to comply with. There is a strong focus on nutrient management planning and nutrient use efficiency which has been shown to be critically important in improving water quality from agricultural pressures,” he said.

  He also noted that farmers who applied for a Nitrates Derogation in 2021 must submit fertiliser accounts by the revised closing date