IFA rejects delays in payment dates

IFA President Tim Cullinan said IFA’s recent National Council unanimously rejected plans by the Department of Agriculture to delay payments for farm schemes.

He said the delays would mean that ANC payments would be pushed out by four weeks and the Basic Payment pushed back by two weeks.

“The Minister must come out of hiding on the issue and give an assurance to farmers that their payments will be on the same dates as last year,” he said.

“The Department has acted unilaterally. Delaying payments is totally wrong and IFA will not accept any delay. This will cause havoc later this year as bills fall due and there is nothing to meet repayments,” he said.

IFA Deputy President Brian Rushe said the Minister must intervene now and agree that payment dates for 2023 are back on the table and a solution found.

“The Department seem to have no concept of the importance of these payments. Thousands of farmers have their businesses structured around receiving these payments on the dates they get them every year. Delaying them will affect bank repayments and cashflow to meet other bills,” he said.