IFA makes progress on knowledge transfer funding for mixed enterprises

The IFA has received confirmation that joint enterprises like cattle and sheep are to be accommodated with additional payments under the Knowledge Transfer Programme.

  Following a meeting between senior officials in the Department of Agriculture and IFA, involving IFA National Sheep Chairman John Lynskey and Rural Development Chairman Flor McCarthy, the IFA said the Department accepts the argument that joint enterprises are entitled to an additional Knowledge Transfer payment to take account of the additional enterprise.

  John Lynskey said: “this is a welcome development from the Department and is very important for the sheep sector, where most farms have an additional enterprise, like cattle and sheep or tillage.”

  The additional KT payment will take account of the additional work involved under the programme for a farm with two enterprises, without it involving double funding. Lynskey added: “It is very important that the additional KT payment is substantial.”

   John Lynskey also welcomed the decision by Minister Coveney to reinstate grant aid for sheep fencing into TAMS II. He said this is a “critically important issue for the sheep sector and IFA had lobbied hard on the issue prior to the budget.”

  Flor McCarthy said the Knowledge Transfer Programme is a very important scheme for farmers and there has been a strong response to joining groups on the ground. He said: “Applications have been submitted on behalf of 12,000 livestock farmers and 9,000 dairy farmers through registered advisors/planners. Sheep and tillage farmers will submit their interest in the coming weeks.”