IFA and Bord Bia visit Turkey on live cattle exports


Speaking from Ankara, Turkey, IFA National Livestock Chairman Angus Woods said that from the positive discussions with the ESK (Turkish Meat and Milk Board), it is clear Turkey has an import requirement for 500,000 head of live cattle each year. He said: “Based on the discussion we had, Ireland could supply up to 100,000 head of this requirement on an annual basis.”

  Bord Bia and the IFA met with the Director General of ESK, Ethem Kalin in Ankara, Turkey, as well as the Director General Salih Turgay Isik of the Department of Agriculture and live cattle importers on the important live export trade from Ireland to Turkey.

  There are a number of consignments currently being assembled for Turkey by Irish exporters, with further shipments anticipated over the coming months. To date this year, almost 17,000 Irish cattle have been exported to the Turkish market, and this follows shipments of almost 20,000 head in autumn 2016.

  Angus Woods said the Turkish authorities recognised the high quality of Irish livestock and praised the shipments they had received from Ireland.