ICSA calls on consumers to buy Irish lamb

The Chairperson of the ICSA sheep committee has called on Irish consumers to eat Irish lamb this spring. He was speaking in response to an influx of New Zealand lamb into the country that has found its way to the shelves of a number of major supermarket chains that are operating in Ireland presently.  ‘Make sure that the lamb you eat this spring is Irish. The country is awash with cheaply produced, untraceable New Zealand lamb, and it is up to the consumer, whether in the supermarket, at the butcher or indeed, in a restaurant, to ensure that they only get the most natural, healthy product available, which is lovely Irish lamb.’ ‘ICSA successfully campaigned for the introduction of country of origin (beef) labelling in 2006, and continues to apply huge amounts of pressure on the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food to extend this legislation to cover lamb products. But until that happens, it is up to the consumer to be extra vigilant.’