ICSA advocate contracts

‘Factories need to get secure contracts with retailers and source a good supply of cattle if we are to maintain our export markets,’ according to Seán Scully, ICSA beef chairman. ‘Looking down the line, everything is pointing towards higher food prices and food scarcities, and factories must pay farmers properly to secure a consistent supply. Traditionally, there are highs and lows in supply for seasonal reasons but also because of the common practice of both factories and retailers undermining prices to farmers and causing these gaps in supply as farmers struggle to remain viable.’ O grade bullocks are steady this week, at €1.20 / lb (€3.36/kg) as are Rs at £1.24 (€3.47) and Us at £1.26 /lb (€3.52/kg). Heifers are also the same price as last week, but are scarcer and a better seller this week at £1.26 (€3.52 / kg), and this price could improve over the week. A minimum bonus of 4p per / lb is available for schemes such the Hereford scheme and the Angus scheme.