ICMSA say slurry storage measures will be hindered by Mica concrete levy

The President of ICMSA has said the Government had made a “reasonable effort” with Budget 2023 but said the 10 per cent concrete levy, due to be introduced next April, would hamper measures aimed at slurry storage.  

  He said the accelerated capital allowances for slurry storage was “a notable step forward and made sense on financial and environmental grounds”, but the 10 per cent levy on concrete and concrete products would certainly dilute the effectiveness of the measure.

  Mr. McCormack was also positive about the extension and ‘roll-overs’ of an array of reliefs such as Young Farmer & Farm Consolidation, Stock Relief for Young Farmers and the Excise Relief on Green Diesel – but the latter, he said, needs to be extended well past the February 28th date given.  

  “The general widening of bands and increase in tax credit would also help farmers in dealing with the overall consumer inflation that was affecting them like every other sector of society,” he said. 

  The ICMSA President went on to say that the inclusion of farmers in the Energy Support measures was welcome but no more than an honest recognition of the fact the dairy sector those farmers have built is the main engine of most parts of our rural economy.

  “Farmers have to have help on the cost of energy because their milk production is actually the economic energy for whole swathes of rural Ireland,” he concluded.