ICMSA: Remove TB inconclusive animals with compensation  

Commenting on the Department of Agriculture, Food & Marine’s recent announcement in relation to the treatment of TB inconclusive animals, the Deputy President of ICMSA, Lorcan McCabe, said farmers should be given the option to remove an ‘inconclusive animal’, when identified on a voluntary basis, and be compensated under the live market valuation system.

“The system proposed by the Department is going to involve additional red tape, time and costs for both the Department and the farmers. That’s why ICMSA is calling for an additional option whereby a farmer can remove an inconclusive TB animal straight away from their herd with market compensation if that’s what they choose,” Mr. McCabe said.

“If we are serious about reducing the levels of TB and in a context where the Department have identified inconclusive animals as a potential source, then ICMSA is firmly of the view that resources need to be allocated to the process upfront and providing a voluntary option of removing them would be a step in the right direction.

“We need to give farmers an incentive to remove these animals early and we can eliminate a potential source of future infection. The process of retesting inconclusive animals every six months and the cost and labour involved in such a process would easily exceed the costs and economic benefits of voluntary removal of inconclusive animals when identified,” he added.

“The inconclusive policy as currently structured will involve extra time and cost that could be better devoted to other issues. ICMSA will repeat its call for a voluntary inconclusive removal policy at the next TB Forum”, concluded Mr. McCabe.