I still can’t believe you got us tickets! What a night we had!

What a night!


Just BEING THERE in the flesh… unbelievable!

One of the best nights of our lives!

I can’t believe you got us tickets! When you rang and said ‘I got tickets for the big night’ I actually thought we were off to Ireland v Scotland in Paris!

I know, I know!

Little did I think it was even better, that you had actually secured tickets for the Late Late Country Music Special!

Wait until I get into politics…the perks will just keep rolling in!


(Editor: Careful!)


What a night! First, those drinks in Hospitality…

THEN…we met Patrick Kielty!

Lovely guy!

Of course you had to go on and on with him…

I just gave Paddy some tips on how to settle into his new job! I think he was enjoying it, he waved at me as he walked away!

Yeah…as he ESCAPED!

Declan Nerney was a gent too!


And I enjoyed chatting to Una Healy!

I’m sure it was mutual!

We enjoyed the show. THEN…the real fun started!


(Editor rolls eyes, earnestly hoping the boyos didn’t disgrace the Roscommon People in such elite company, in the plush surrounds of RTE’s Donnybrook HQ)


It was fine until that fancy wine went to your head!

Oh don’t start! YOU were an embarrassment! The way you behaved in the Green Room!

All I did was have the craic with Michael English and Gerry Guthrie!

They were chatting about an upcoming album, you dived in, put your arms around them and just took over!

I was chilling!

Then nothing would do you only to introduce yourself to Fr Brian D’Arcy!

He enjoyed the banter!

Fancy saying ‘Fr Brian, I admire the way you stood up to The Vatican! But what was it like to work for that other controversial institution, the Sunday World?!’

He laughed!

THEN…you went up to Nathan Carter and suggested we all go to Coppers!

It was a JOKE!

Philomena Begley didn’t know what to make of you!

At least – unlike YOU – I didn’t ask The Tumbling Paddies how a six-piece band with that name doesn’t have a single Paddy amongst them!

Paddy Kielty laughed when I said it!

Well, all told, I think our trip to the Late Late Show was a success!

Yeah, but I’m glad we didn’t go to Coppers, and instead got back to our hotel at a reasonable hour!

That’s what I was trying to say when we said goodnight to Philomena…


“I’ve had a little too much to drink” I told her, “it’s time for the blanket on the ground!”