‘I miss my friends and classmates’

Esther Bridcut-Barry, Leaving Certificate student in Our Lady’s Bower, Athlone

I’m in the middle really. It’s good that we can actually work from home but it’s easier if you’re in the classroom because it’s easier to focus in school. We need our phones if we want to look over documents and things like this and you can get distracted with social media!

Zoom is okay but our broadband here can be a bit stop and start. It freezes sometimes during a class. That needs to improve if we are going to be doing this regularly.

I miss my friends and classmates too. Online learning is not the same as seeing them face to face. It is definitely a disruption to the social part of school anyway.

I’m hoping to go on and study primary school teaching in college. There is a lot of uncertainty right now – will we get predicted grades or will there be an actual Leaving Certificate?

There is a good chance that our debs and graduation won’t be happening and everyone’s talking about that in school. That would be really sad and disappointing.