I may have jinxed the Rossies!

Last Sunday, as Canon Liam Devine sprinkled the new pitch with Holy water, I couldn’t help thinking it was me he should have been exorcising.

  You see, following last Sunday’s heart-breaking defeat to Donegal I have come to the, some would say belated, conclusion that I am a massive jinx on Roscommon GAA.

  I have rushed to Carrick, been heckled by Mayo fans, stood in the rain in Salthill and felt the icy chill in the Hyde, but…I have yet to witness a Roscommon victory in the flesh!

  This is despite attending plenty of matches since I started working here in 2015. Don’t believe me? I’ll name some of them: Mayo in the U-21 Connacht Final, Monaghan in Kiltoom, Mayo in the Hyde, Dublin in Carrick, Galway in Salthill, Galway in Castlebar, Donegal in the Hyde along with others across the different age groups.

  In fairness, the signs were ominous away from Dr Hyde Park last weekend…on Saturday evening I walked in on the last few minutes of the Wales v England rugby match, just before England’s late try. I know, I know, I’m sorry!

  It gets worse…since 2008 the only sporting win of any significance I have seen in the flesh was Ireland’s 2-0 win over Bosnia and Herzegovina at the Aviva, and I think I know why…

  Let me take you back to May 2008 and a rainy night in Moscow. John Terry was about to take his fateful penalty against Manchester United. John Terry winning the European Cup for Chelsea fifty years after Munich…unthinkable! I had to do something.

  I murmured a silent vow that if, somehow, Terry was to make a complete mess of his kick and United were to win, I would accept a life of watching sporting defeat from then on.

  We’ve reached the point in the story where you may be expecting some sort of happy ending. Alas, there are no happy endings here, the story only gets worse…

  As it stands, I have been assigned to cover the Mayo game in Castlebar on Saturday week and barring the intervention of some sort of pitchfork wielding mob, the only other alternative is to get some of that Holy water!

  On a more positive note, I have put my name down for a Mayo season ticket for next year!