‘I’m living the dream…and I’m really looking forward to Kiltoom gig!’



Country superstar Nathan to headline at Sheep Shearing Festival


Nathan Carter is one of the hottest properties in Country Music right now and this Friday night he will be in Roscommon. Nathan is due to appear at the Kiltoom Sheep Shearing Festival as part of another hectic weekend on the road. Dan Dooner caught up with Nathan earlier this week and discovered that while he was born in the city of Liverpool, he’s very much a country boy at heart.


Tell us where your love of country music came from and how it was nurtured in a city like Liverpool?

I first discovered country music when I was a young boy listening to my grandparents playing LPs of Johnny Cash, Dolly Parton and Big Tom! Although I grew up in the city of Liverpool I was always a country boy at heart!

Who has had the biggest influence on your career to date?

There have been many people along the way who have made a big difference but from the beginning my Nan Anne McCoy has been a major influence on my career. She drove me around to shows when I couldn’t drive myself and right from the start she has been a great inspiration to me.

This is part of a busy weekend for you. Is it always like this?

Yes, when the weekend comes around it’s time for musicians like myself to start work! I’m really looking forward to this weekend as it’s the bank holiday weekend and there are loads of great festivals happening especially the Kiltoom Sheep Shearing Festival, which I’m really looking forward to!

This is a return to the type of gig where you first made your name. Are you looking forward to it?

I really am looking forward to this gig, it’s pretty much a throwback to my festival dancing days and I am looking forward to meeting lots of old friends and perhaps a few new friends also, so yes it’s gonna be great!

Have you any experience shearing sheep yourself?

When we were recording the Big Week on the Farm show on RTE last year I helped with the lambing which was very interesting and It give me a new insight to the farming industry for sure but no, I’ve never had the chance to shear any sheep but I’m told it’s a really good skill!

What’s in store for Nathan Carter fans this year?

I am looking forward to playing lots of summer festivals (especially this weekend) and I have a brand new album coming out next week which is call ‘Livin’ The Dream’ and I really am! I’m enjoying life and living life to the full!