“I love being able to meet people”

What I do…

Lisa Cuddy, personal trainer (Fullbody Workhouse)


Tell us a bit about yourself

I am 24-years-old and originally from Fuerty but living in Roscommon town. I started as an instructor with Fullbody Workhouse just three weeks before the first lockdown!

Before that I had studied Law, Sociology and Politics and then spent two years working in IT recruitment before making the move into personal training.

I started training when I finished college and ended up really enjoying it. I would have known Kevin, our manager at Fullbody Workhouse really well and he pointed me in the right direction. It was quite a risk considering I was leaving a stable job but luckily for me, owner Cathal (Dineen) had an opening due to the business becoming so busy since the last lockdown.

I did enjoy working in IT recruitment but felt I needed something more active which also involved working with people. I am really enjoying my time with Fullbody Workhouse so far and delighted I made the move!


What time does your day start?

Fullbody Workhouse is open from 6 am to 10 pm each day so my day can start at different times. I might be in for the early shift which means starting class at 6 am or I could be working later in the evening.


What’s the first thing you have to do?

Classes have moved online since lockdown but we have been really busy keeping in touch with everyone and staying active on social media.

On a normal working day in the gym, you’re pretty much straight into the workouts the minute you arrive so my day starts with a warm-up and then we go straight into training with our groups.

There has been a focus on smaller groups at Fullbody Workhouse so everyone is in their own pod and uses their own machinery and equipment in order to keep everyone safe.


What are the best tunes for working out?

I like hip hop so I’ll probably listen to some Dr. Dre or something like that but it does depend on my mood…I like rock as well so maybe some Fleetwood Mac would be on too!


What do you do for lunch?

Whatever is handy! There’s no huge opportunity to go out for lunch during the day and so I usually have something quick that has been prepared the night before.


What’s the best thing about your job?

I love being able to meet and talk to people anyway but I get a real buzz off seeing people who are happy with their progression. That could mean they’ve lost a few pounds or they’re lifting heavier weights than they did the previous week.


Who’s at home?

I’m currently living with my mum, two sisters, and our two dogs in Roscommon town.


How do you wind down in the evening?

I usually just chill out with the dogs and watch Netflix or go for a walk.