Hyde Park ‘tug of love’: Gaels’ needs should be met

Comment by Seamus Duke It was only a matter of time before the situation with regard to the ownership of Dr. Hyde Park was going to make the national media and that happened last Tuesday. The situation as outlined in the Irish Independent whereby the GAA and the Roscommon Gaels GAA club are currently seeking legal advice is correct – and that remains the situation this week.   As a lifelong Roscommon Gaels member and official of the club both on an off the field for twelve years and as a member of the Hyde Park committee for over twenty years I am probably not the best person to be writing about this situation, because my views are fairly well-known.   There is no-one in the Roscommon Gaels club or on the Hyde Park Committee that does not accept that Hyde Park needs to be re-developed – and as soon as possible too.   However regardless of what the legal people find out with regard to ownership the members of the Roscommon Gaels GAA club through the Hyde Park Committee have ran and paid for the upkeep of Hyde Park for the past 35 years.   If Hyde Park was not there then they could have directed those efforts to developing facilities for their own club. If a new situation is arrived at in Hyde Park that includes Roscommon Gaels then that would be great – however if  The Gaels are asked to move out then they will have to be compensated. That’s my view and it’s also the view of Roscommon Gaels people everywhere.   I sincerely hope that the negotiations between the County Board and Roscommon Gaels are successful because the last thing anyone wants is a bitter row over Hyde Park.