Hungry, hungry Hospice weight loss challenge

There was a low grumbling sound as we sat in Culleen Hall just outside Knockcroghery listening to Willie Hegarty on the microphone telling us about the importance of staying motivated and making a ‘lifestyle change’.

  I was starving, I hadn’t eaten anything since lunch as I had been busy taking down Christmas decorations and chasing my two mutts through the field next door. Willie was beginning to morph into a delicious slice of pizza as the hunger hallucinations began.

  We were all here to take part in the six-week hunger games, I mean weight loss challenge, in aid of Roscommon/Mayo Hospice. There was a strong turnout, with 65 participants signing up on the night.

  Willie was joined by Tina Geraghty of Molloy’s Pharmacy and Anita Shiel from Motivation Weight Management in Athlone. Tina emphasised the importance of supplements and nutrition while Anita was there to weigh everyone and track progress (hopefully!).

  After we were introduced to the two ladies, a tall and lean gentleman introduced himself without requiring the microphone. This was Anthony Jinx, the personal trainer, who cheerily told us he was from an “army background”. Already this didn’t sound promising and I didn’t bother to ask “Which army?”

  After being told what we shouldn’t eat (anything nice) we were sent to a room where we were weighed.

  My turn eventually came and I immediately regretted enjoying Christmas so much. My weight wasn’t a surprise (13 stone 5lbs) but it was nice to be able to add an extra half an inch onto my height!

  So that’s me for the next few weeks, strict diet and a proper gym programme in order to bring myself down to Conor McGregor condition. Expect regular updates as I chew my way through all the carrot sticks in Roscommon.

  *Update* Yesterday I thoroughly enjoyed a Double Decker while watching Making a Murderer. However, after reading the ‘nutritional’ information on the wrapper I don’t know whether I’m more shocked at the questionable interrogation tactics of the Manitowoc Sheriff’s Department or the calorie count. My favourite chocolate bar is 250 calories. Not a great start.