Hugh reflects on highlights in Loughglynn in 2007

2007 was a year of change and positive development for Loughglynn, just as it was in many rural towns and villages.    Former local councillor Hugh Lynn, who is now working as a schoolteacher in Co. Longford, still lives in the area and reports that the village has been a hive of activity in 2007.   ‘We have had lots of new people moving into the village and there was plenty of activity over the past year. We had an excellent festival here during the year and the new community centre is a source of much local pride’ he says.    Hugh says that there are many notable local people who have brought honour to the area in 2007.   ‘Brendan Gordon won the entrepreneur of the year in the County Enterprise Awards and that was a great achievement for him and his company and of course Dermot Earley was appointed to the highest job in the Irish Army during the year and it’s a great honour for us that he is from the parish’ he said.    Hugh says that the development of social groups in the village area is very welcome. ‘We have excellent GAA and soccer clubs here in the area and in 2007 an Active Age group was set up, which is every welcome. Another very positive development is that the local doctors surgery has moved into a room in the community centre which is great for better access for the people locally’ he says.    Hugh says that it would be nice to see the development of the old convent in the village in 2008.    ‘That old building dates back to the 1700’s and it would be great to see it being developed. There would be a massive spin-off from it if it were to be developed and I hope to see movement on that next year.    ‘I would also love to see more facilities for young people in the area. I know that the GAA and soccer clubs cater for a lot of young people but there is room for services for chidren who may not be interested in playing team sports’ he said.    Hugh says that Loughglynn is a lovely place to live in. ‘There is a great community spirit here and although it’s a very rural area it’s a very nice place to live and it’s not far to travel to the major towns in the area which is great’ he says.    Hugh finishes by saying that he has his own personal wish for the children of the area for 2008. ‘I hope that Santa Claus will bring every child in the area a book for Christmas. You could not give a better present to any child’ he concluded.