HSE to meet Consultants as Finneran says ‘no agreement reached’

Minister of State Michael Finneran issued the following press statement last Friday in the aftermath of his maeeting with Minister for Health Mary Harney and others (see below) on Thursday last: ‘I attended a meeting, called at my request, in the Office of Ms. Mary Harney T.D., Minister for Health & Children, in Hawkins House, Dublin, on Thursday 5th June 08, at 5 p.m. The meeting lasted over one hour.   ‘Also present at the meeting were: Ms. Mary Harney T.D., Minister for Health & Children; Mr. Michael Scanlon, Secretary General of the Department of Health & Children; and Professor Brendan Drumm, Chief Executive Officer, Health Service Executive.   ‘The preferred option document recently circulated by the Health Service Executive West, which proposed major changes for the services at Roscommon County Hospital, was on the Agenda.   ‘I outlined my opposition to that document as it did not correspond with the terms of the agreement I reached at the meeting in Minister Harney’s office in September 06.   ‘Agreement was not reached at this meeting on my demands for the retention of services at Roscommon County Hospital.   ‘At Minister Harney’s request Professor Drumm undertook to appoint a suitable person from the National Health Service Executive to visit Roscommon County Hospital and to meet with and report on the views of Consultants at the Hospital and in particular the views of the Consultant Surgeons.   ‘This meeting will be arranged within the next two weeks. When the report is available it was agreed a further meeting will take place with Minister Harney and myself.   ‘My position remains that the preferred option document on the Services at Roscommon County Hospital is unacceptable to me in its present form.’