HSE ‘may be wilting’

Dr. Liam McMullen, a Consultant Surgeon, alluded to the recent decision of a number of consultants to issue a statement to the local press. For consultants to ‘break cover’ in that way was a difficult thing to do, he said.    Thanking everyone who had turned out in support of the rally, Dr. McMullen said that a HSE statement issued that morning suggested that the HSE might be ‘wilting a bit’. ‘You (those protesting) will have to do this again. We need a 24-hour seven-day-a-week service and it seems that proposal is back on the agenda.’   Speaking on behalf of Bishop Christopher Jones and the clergy, Canon Eugene McLoughlin said that the uncertainty concerning Roscommon Hospital needs to be set aside ‘once and for all.’    Canon McLoughlin, who was chaplain at the Hospital for ten years, praised the staff at the facility for their dedication and care.