How we were inspired to create Sensory Me


Sensory Me, which has just opened its doors in Roscommon Town, is a unique facility – the first of its kind in the entire country – which will provide a wonderful environment primarily but not exclusively, for children with additional needs.

  Sensory Me is the stunning project now brought to completion by husband and wife Dermot and Fiona Sutton from Roscommon town.

  Sensory Me has been developed by Dermot and Fiona in response to what they felt was a worsening social problem in their local area. This is their story…

  “We are the proud parents of three beautiful children living here in the local community of Roscommon town.

  “Our little girl Eimear, who is 5 years of age, has additional needs in the form of a rare genetic condition known as Angelman syndrome.

  “For the last few years, Eimear has attended Roscommon Early Intervention where the services were great, and received an excellent home programme of occupational, physio and speech and language therapies.  

  “Unfortunately, after school on evenings, weekends, summer holidays, etc., we had no access to services or therapists but still needed to carry out Eimear’s home programme, to allow Eimear be the best she could be.

  “We also found as Eimear suffered from sensory processing disorder, like many other children in our society, we were limited to the places we could bring her, somewhere she could play with her brother, sister and friends; an environment that catered for her needs, allowing her play and have fun like any child should be able to; without becoming overwhelmed or over-regulated, and the idea for sensory me, a socially inclusive, multi-sensory environment, catering for children of all abilities, was born!”