How to say yes to the dress!




Okay, so you’ve said ‘yes’ to his/her proposal, everyone celebrated and your parents breathed a massive sigh of relief; well, how long did you think you could get away with living in their attic eating them out of house and home while playing video games all day…bless them; they’ve got the patience of Saint Coman.

  And, now that the Christmas and New Year’s  festivities are over, it’s time for all you spring brides to throw those elasticated trackie bottoms in the bin, hit the shops and begin one of the most important processes in your entire adult life, i.e. the quest for the perfect wedding dress.

  However, if you’re unsure where to start, don’t worry; because, in order to help you find your wedding dress soulmate, Roscommon’s favourite, family-focused and fashion-friendly publication has put together a checklist especially for you! So, grab a coffee, read on and be inspired.

  If you’re having an ‘off’ day, (and we all have those), we’d suggest you might like to postpone the gorgeous gúna shopping ‘till you’re back to your old self. You see, buying your dream dress is pretty emotional and you’ll need to be feeling your best in order to help you picture the way you’ll look and how your dress will make you zing and bounce with joy on your big day.

  Before you even step inside a bridal gown store, in order not to have your gúna clashing with the overall theme and tone of your event, it’s important you’re in the right frame of mind. For example, are you having a vintage style event? If so, you’ll probably want to embrace the more classic creations as opposed to the new fashion forward trends. Are you having a daytime ceremony with a bo-ho girly garden vibe or is it a night-time ball gown and black-tie event? Either way, do keep your personal style and your event’s backdrop in mind at all times.

  We all have body parts we’re not, let’s say, head over heels in love with. And, whether that’s our jiggly under arms, our saggy boobs or our bootylicious derriere, we’d suggest that instead of obsessing over them, (besides, we’d bet you’re absolutely perfect and are probably being over critical of yourself), simply focus on those features you do love, and choose a gown that not only accentuates them, but will also make you look and feel so fabulous – it’ll de-emphasise any ‘body’ insecurities you may experience on your big day.

  Chat with your hair stylist/beauty therapist/friends/d’mammy, etc., and get some advice regarding your particular colouring. Remember, while the style and shape of the dress will enhance your silhouette beautifully, the hue of the fabric will accentuate and pay tribute to your skin tone. Remember, no bride wants to look washed out in her wedding photos. Our tip: Try on several shades and have someone take a picture of you wearing them while standing in natural light, i.e. shop window, and then inside the showroom under their house lighting, because lighting will always alter how the gown looks against your skin tone.

  Remember brides, at the end of the day, it’s your dress; your choice, and, while your entourage/creative crew are sipping champagne in the store, giggling and  telling you puffy sleeves are soooo over and capes are in, (which they are), you go with your gut girl. Yes, your mammy and your bridesmaids all have great taste, but this is your day, and, while you will of course value their opinions, listen to your own inner voice, stay true to your personal style and event theme, and say yes to the dress you desire.