How to be the perfect father-of-the-bride!




Being the proud, doting, father-of-the-bride does not mean your responsibilities begin and end with you gracefully walking your darling baby girl down the aisle…oh no, the job description goes much deeper than that.

  Now while we know the important role of father-of-the-bride traditionally goes to the bride’s dad, it can of course, (should the post become vacant for whatever reason), be undertaken by a father-figure. Either way there are certain elements and trademarks associated with the function of father-of-the-bride, and they should not be taken lightly. Therefore, if you’re on the cusp of walking that favourite girl in your life down the aisle, and are in need of a bit of direction, calm down, read on, and take note of our useful hints and tips; and while this honour may differ from wedding to wedding, we think, (hope) we’ve got you covered.

Write lots of cheques! We’re joking of course, but do bear in mind, a wedding does not come cheap and while traditionally, in the past, the bride’s parents footed the bill, times have changed and couples usually take responsibility for the bulk of their big day. But do the Lotto just in case!

  Be the mother-of-the bride’s wing man and try to do everything both she and the bride ask you to do. In fact, don’t wait to be asked to do something, instead, request they make a list of duties they’d like you to attend to and follow it to the letter. Does anyone need to be collected from the airport/train station? Can you pick up clothes from the dry cleaners/flowers from the florist? Does the wedding singer need a lift to the venue and can you arrange it? Any other loose ends need attending to?

  You’ll be expected to give a speech, so always have a pen and notepad handy and jot down some points and anecdotes as you remember them in the run-up to your daughter’s big day. Remember, this is going to be your big moment, so craft it carefully, and then create it by making sure your speech is heartfelt and honest.  Draw on your experience of watching this incredible little girl blossom into a beautiful woman, etc. Never, ever say anything crass or tacky; and especially don’t mention your daughter’s former partner/husband! Welcome the new in-laws, welcome the guests and thank them, etc. In short Dad, set the happy tone for the celebrations.

Finally, enjoy your day, bask in the glow of your important role but do not…again, we stress, do not, drink too much alcohol! Yes, we know everyone wants to buy you a pint, so pace yourself because getting rat-faced, grabbing the mic, knotting your tie around your head and belting out Guns and Roses’ Sweet Child of Mine will probably embarrass your daughter and it will not make for a good wedding video moment! You have been advised Dad!