How Joe changed direction and began chasing dreams

Joe Duffy, hypnotherapist, dream analyist and life skills coach, has found his niche…

One can tell by listening to Joe Duffy, hypnotherapist, dream analyist and life skills coach, that he has finally found his niche, and is passionate and completely content in following the profession which has become a very central and rewarding part of his daily life.

  Joe has set up a professional and first class practice at his offices in Cloverhill, Ballaghaderreen – just around the corner from The Square in that town. 

  How and when did Joe decide to follow this particular career path?

  “The story begins in 1983 when I still suffered from asthma, which I had throughout my childhood. I was using so many medical drugs to stay alive and suppress the symptoms. A medical practitioner suggested I try self-hypnosis and after about two years I managed to wean myself off all medication, greatly improving my general health and wellbeing.

  “I was fascinated by the results, did some research and decided in 1995 to train with the Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy in Cork, where I qualified with a Diploma in both specialities.”

  In May 2000, Joe set up a Hypnosis Clinic in Ballaghaderreen, giving assistance to individuals who wanted to use self-hypnosis to establish the cause of their inner problems.

  For many years now, Joe has facilitated courses (sponsored by Roscommon VEC) to try to get individuals to understand and positively influence the dreaming part of their mind. 

  In 2006 he worked for three months in Castlerea Prison and he also works as a Therapist Supervisor, helping therapists to understand the complexities of the problems which individuals bring to a therapist.

  Joe tells me he worked as an Eircom engineer for many years, far removed from his present career. An opportunity arose for him to take early retirement, and in 2000 he left Eircom, determined to follow his passion to work as a hypnotherapist.

  The business was vibrant until 2009, when the economy slowed down. However, Joe did not believe in ‘slowing down’ and embarked on a Business and Tourism course in the VEC in Swinford, 30 hours a week for a period of two years.  “I really wanted to partake of this course in order to achieve computer skills. It was very rewarding and I have now set up my business website.        Individuals come to me with a range of problems from a desire to quit smoking or to deal with various fears and phobias.”

  What would Joe say to someone who may need to change their career?

  “I think you need to look at all your options. If you lose your job, for whatever reason, it can really mean the beginning of something new.  Sometimes you may have to step outside your familiar environment. I worked in Eircom for 25 years and it was a challenge to walk away and work in a completely different capacity and set up a business.

  “I suppose I followed my dream and it has led me to where I want to be.”