How it works – our guide to leadership roles in Macra

National President

Macra na Feirme’s national president, currently Ballinlough’s Sean Finan, acts as the figurehead and leader of the organisation. The president represents Macra at meetings and other events and by so doing increases the profile of the organisation. The president provides leadership to the National Council and to Macra members throughout the country.


Macra has three vice-presidents, in Munster, Leinster and the north-west, positions which are currently held by Gerard Griffin, Odile Evans and Caroline O’Dowd respectively. They support the work of the national president, with particular emphasis on the development of their own region. They also provide support to county executives, as well as facilitating events and competitions, where possible.

National Chairman

The national chairman, currently David McDonagh, chairs national executive meetings and also sits on the finance sub-committee.

  In addition, they customarily give the keynote address at the annual conference/rally and may represent the organisation at events, either deputising for the president or in their own right as national chairman.

National Secretary

The national secretary, currently Una Ryan, records the minutes of the national executive and national council meetings throughout the year and accurately record those present at such meetings and the decisions made.

  In addition, the national secretary prepares a report and presents it at the AGM, detailing the policies adopted by the organisation during the year.

  The national secretary liaises with the president and national chairman in relation to the setting of the agenda for council and executive meetings.

National Treasurer

The national treasurer, currently Gemma Goulding, sits on the national executive and national councils and acts as the chairperson of the finance sub-committee.

  The national treasurer is one of the signatories of cheques on behalf of Macra and is responsible for presenting the budgets as prepared by the finance sub-committee to the national executive and the national council.

  In addition, the national treasurer presents the audited accounts to the AGM and proposes them for approval, along with proposing the auditors who will audit the accounts for the coming year.

National Council representatives

National Council representatives are volunteers who have been elected by Macra members to serve a two-year term.

  The National Council is collectively responsible for the organisation’s performance in respect of its mission and objectives, as set out in the strategic plan and for the stewardship of financial resources.